For the first time, the extra cab width really does give the driver more room. The interior is
open and airy, with stand-up headroom in the raised-roof model and considerably more
room than expected in the mid-roof models.In the Argosy, side spaces that in traditional trucks had to be reserved for movement in the
cab now can be utilized for modular cabinetry, a pull workstation and a huge range of
other amenities that make the driver feel at home in his second home.



In the great tradition of Buffalo Bill, Davy Crockett, Chief Sitting Bull, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, the Empire State Building, Route 66, Levi’s Jeans, Babe Ruth, the Dallas Cowboys, Bruce Springsteen, Mohammed Ali and Apple Pie – comes Freightliner Argosy, the true American legend that will change the way you think about trucks – and trucking – for ever.


Freightliner Argosy is the industry benchmark in accident-prevention and driver safety, it complies with the strict European ECE R 29 safety standard, which ensures the enhances the protection of drivers and everyone else on the road.


With its low profile, increased manoeuvrability and excellent forward visibility, the Argosy range features a spacious interior with virtually no engine tunnel, easy entry / exit grab handles and an ergonomically placed, driver-friendly dash and control panel. Finally there is a truck that gives drivers the best view of obstacles ahead, without putting obstacles in their path.



At Freightliner you’ll have a choice of three different engines from the three leading engine manufacturers in the world. Finally you’ll find a powerplant that will suit your needs perfectly.This is once again proof of our commitment to innovation, world class technology and unmatched flexibility. Which is why Freightliner is South Africa’s leading long haul choice.


Far more than a truck supplier, we pride ourselves on being a transportation solutions provider


SmartShift, the latest and smartest advance in shift-by-wire technology, provides a convenient interface with shift-by-wire transmissions such as the Eaton Autoshift and offers all the following advantages:

  •     No clutching needed except for starting and stopping.
  •     More in-cab space because floor-mounted or seat-mounted shift control is eliminated.
  •     Less driver fatigue because clutching is greatly reduced.
  •     Better fuel economy because shifting happens at most effective engine speed and torque.
  •     Automatic shifting feature can be overridden by driver.
  •     Better driver control as hands remain on wheel during shifting.

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