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Built for efficiency and reliability

The Columbia was designed for maximum reliability and productivity. That’s why it’s best-selling truck on the road today. The Columbia helps businesses run smart by lowering their cost per mile, maximum fuel economy and minimizing maintenance costs. Simply put, the Columbia gives back more than you put into it.


With its comfortable, ergonomic layout, the cab of the Columbia makes driving that much easier. The wrap-around dash is mounted low to increase driver visibility, and the backlit instruments are easy to read, day or night. The heating and cooling system has a full range of settings to provide fresh, filtered air exactly how the driver likes it. And all the controls are within easy reach, featuring strong, soft-touch paddles and long-life LED lights that glow amber when the switches are activated. The standard SmartShift “shift-by-wire” automated mechanical transmissions control lever allows drivers to choose between manual or automatic settings with automatic transmissions. The result is the ultimate in control and safety.Comfort that’s state of the art
All of our cabs are designed to maximize space and comfort, from the day to any of our SleeperCab configurations. Drivers will find plenty of storage for personal items and other features to make them feel more at home. Wide, soft incandescent lights reduce eye strain and add a feeling of warmth. Interiors feature easy-to-clean, stain-resistant fabrics and surfaces in a variety of colors. Choose from Autumn Red, Blue Horizon, Graphite Black and Opal Gray.The cab is customizable with multiple cabinet, shelving, accessory and workstation options to create a space that’s just right. There’s even an optional AC power inverter that powers appliances directly from the vehicle’s battery or from an external source. And with the Columbia’s noise reduction technology, drivers and passengers enjoy a cab that’s quiet, comfortable and less stressful, whether they’re parked or on the road.


No matter which Columbia configuration you choose, there’s a purpose behind every design feature. The aerodynamic body – tested in our state-of-the-art wind tunnel – reduces wind resistance and improves fuel economy. The cab is manufactured from lightweight aluminum, allowing more payload. The expansive windshield and low, sloped hood provide maximum visibility while the thermal insulted cab makes the driver more productive by blocking excessive road noise. Even the bumper boosts efficiency with its aerodynamic shape and three-piece design that minimizes repair costs by allowing individual section replacement.


The Columbia was built to be a truck you can count on. It was engineering with the same tough, reliable components used on all our Freightliner trucks – the kind of parts that stand up to miles of use and keep delivering. And with the Columbia’s advanced, lightweight design, you get greater payload capacity, a s well. When it comes to power, select proven choices from Mercedes-Benz, Detriot Diesel and Caterpillar.You an also count on the Columbia for an exceptional ride. Thanks to features like the AirLiner™ front (optional) and rear (optional) suspensions, tuned shocks and tight wheel cuts, the ride is smooth and handling is precise and predictable. That means less freight damage and reduced driver fatigue. The idea behind it all: to keep your trucks on the road and running smart.

Easy Maintenance

The latest techniques in design and engineering ensure that the Columbia is easy to maintain – which translates to more time spent on the road. The hood tilt allows for easy engine access. Fluid levels can be checked with a glance. Even the inner quarter fenders were designed to help keep road splash, spray and contaminants away from the engine without limiting engine access. Making short work of maintenance will have a long-term positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

The Power Distribution Module is located in the dash, directly in front of the passenger seat for quick access to fuses and better visibility of the electrical components.
The hood tilt provides easy access to the engine and see-through fluid reservoirs allow levels to be checked with a glance.
Headlights are easily accessible for bulb replacement in minutes without the use tools. The bulbs are also standard size for availability and cost efficient.

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